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Full text of "[Letter to] My dear Wendell [manuscript]"

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A-**-*/—^ /^-*--. — t-*— "^c^i^i^V fK^J^C'&JL^ry ^WV~' ^C-t--v~vy ^t~A. C>L*J tfr^tSXZ^ 

*i**~*ii '&FJJ / t^O£> c*^4-%^-^f <syr~^/£ZZ C^ryr^^\ ~<^*/ t^*r>s Ci) ^<-^ //»-«_ — 
/rX«-K/ -Vf^Az a^^AJL L*~, 'frjcsC*\^ <t*^XC f\je*/(-*--~~t/^- c^>»/ £/£*-> 

*£^t~~- c*^~tA_ *mXC &-«-^ C-^-v>^C-C^je^) c^^jC- «c^_«/C Cv/Ofc- "~ 

/sCz^Jt— try- J~Jt^^(^ faT 'Cy^O cr^^-C-^— tsf/^ /£*^> «x-X~v>^G^ — (/-C^^^-^V 
-£o^-7 /•*-»--«A-^ 4—ir^^-JU v~^fZZ^t t^*-^ a^Lr^-J^. t>A^ t^-^yOlZy -4*~*~^.\J 

£-6t_ . <a^^_ -B-wJ^Ct— Z^Xy p^r-*-^ c^JO^ 4ji^^pfp x^-Jsfl£Z ^{^\y^ 

O-^Q^g^ T/y-inr^ Kypd^t^j C*-^£t^~> Cfc^nAi-, ^^ *~~C^Z-J)? C^r-v^-^-^y 

sL*^y-st/£-> /Jy-*^*~^ * t-^*£-i~-t/-'&*jL^> 7\^cr-i^-^ /y^^^j^y fc--t-*^«_-> "^»_^ - C — A- — 

b^st&ij fe^y, L/t*Stfcy 4-^nj^j c/ ^C^C -^-^^ ,^*^ <*- Z^C— 


s J$u^^ut^-^M~ 


iC ^C^ cfrZ^tfeX^-